Scouts BSA Rail Day

October 16, 2021
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The N.C. Transportation Museum is excited to announce Scouts BSA Rail Day on October 16, 2021. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we will not host overnight camping for 2021. Scouts BSA Rail Day is a full day of activities including a train ride, flag ceremony, and workshops to help scouts interact with other troops and work together to earn their Railroading Merit Badge. Scouts will learn how to identify different types of railcars, how diesel-electric locomotives work, the importance of railroad signals, and more.

Book a Troop

To book your troop or for any questions contact June Hall at 704-636-2889 ext. 268 or email june.hall@ncdcr.gov

or contact Will Tate at will.tate@ncdcr.gov
or 704-636-2889 ext. 221



Given the continued threat of COVID-19 and variants of the virus, face masks are required for indoor areas of the N.C. Transportation Museum.

TSA requires proper wearing of face masks on the train, per federal law. Failure to comply will result in denial of boarding or removal and may result in penalties under federal law. Children under the age of two and individuals with disabilities who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, because of the disability as defined by the Americans with Disability Act are exempt.